Saturday, 14 June 2014

Rural Relaxation - A heron at College Lake

A Heron at College Lake
A pleasant afternoon - not too warm - and it would be a waste to spend it simply sitting at a computer.  So off I go to College Lake, a disused chalk pit which as been transformed into a wonderful nature reserve run by BBOWT.

In fact today I was lazy and rather than taking a brisk walk round the reserve I spent half an hour or so looking at the wild life on the area of shallow water and islands called "The Marsh" from the main hide. I kept an eye out for the otter, which had visited the reserve a few days before - but I am sure that it has returned to the nearby canal, the Tring Reservoirs, or the water courses that exist in the Vale of Aylesbury.

I then spend a bit more time in the small cafe, in theory looking out over the reserve, but actually dozing off. Then home via the supermarket for the last of the weekend shop.

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