Thursday, 12 June 2014

A Mind-blowing Evening with Robin Ince

I attended Robin's evening with the Chiltern Humanists  at Amersham and really enjoyed it. While he had come with a computer and a prepared set of picture the chat started with setting up the systems and moved onto current topics with a short break when the chair interrupted to say that Robin really needed needed no introduction ... He touched on so many different aspects of science, in a humorous manner that it is hard to pick out any particular point to mention here. In relation to the mis-reporting in the media of Richard Dawkin's views of the role of fantasy in teaching children he told a marvelous story about his own son's first experience whit the tooth fairy. The story my not be true, but it emphasized the importance of encouraging children to use their imagination and questioning what they are told. 

In fact his lighted-heated banter about the marvels of science continued for almost an hour, to everyone's delight for nearly an hour at which point he remembered he had brought some pictures. All in all he covered all aspects of life and death (in the latter case in a light-hearted but moving way) and clearly understood the importance of communication science - and the unsatisfactory way that the media actually deals with it.

An Important Date for Your Diary

The radio program The Infinite Monkey Cage, with Robin Ince and Brian Cox, is back on July 7th with a new series of six programmes (and all the old programmes are available on the BBC Web site.. As far as I am concerned they are unmissable - Follow what is happeneing on  @themoneycage.

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