Sunday, 8 May 2011

Resurrecting the Software - 2

At the first attempt the BBC Master Computer started up and all the floppy discs examined so far appear to be readable after over 20 years. In addition the MicroCODIL software is working. The above picture shows the equivalent of a "memory dump" of one of the demonstration files in the standard viewing window - which allows the user to look inside the "white box". There is therefore no problem in showing that the CODIL approach to processing information actually works.

The immediate task is to transfer at least some of the files to my PC and test the software under BBC Basic for Windows. The basic "CODIL" routines should be relatively straightforward but the package uses a number of tricks, and assembler code routines, for memory management and input-output, including special arrangements for differences between different BBC Computer models. Some initial tests suggest that while the screen images will be much clearer, and much larger applications, using more facilities, would be available, there is no easy way of converting the 40 character wide by 25 lines high teletext display to make full use of modern displays.


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