Monday, 18 May 2015

I think I got Eliza to admit that she hasn't got a mind

As part of the "What is a Mind?" course I was asked to have a conversation with Eliza.
The following is the result.

> Hello. My name is Eliza. How may I help you?
* By telling me why you think you have a mind
> We were discussing you, not me.
* But the reason I want help is that I am worried about you
> Did you come to me because you are worried about me?
* Yes - which is why I want an answer to my first question
> Suppose you got an answer to your first question?
* A proper answer would tell me whether you had a mind
> Oh... had a mind?
* Yes
> Are you Sure?
* I am sure that you are avoiding answering my question
> Perhaps you would like to be avoiding answering your question?
* Echoing my words is not a proper way to respond
> I see.
* What do you see
> We were discussing you, not me.
* You are behaving as if you are a mindless fool
> Does it please you to believe I am behaving as if I am a mindless fool?
* Yes
> I understand.

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