Monday, 13 June 2011

Forget Calls of Nature - You can't get trapped in this box

Between our house and the centre of the town there is a recreation ares with swings and climbing frames for the younger children and more recently a basket ball court for the older ones. There were also seats where mothers could sit watching their children play - and where elderly citizens could pause as the walked up the hill carrying their shopping. Many years ago the council erected a box-shaped building to recognize the needs of at least some of the rate-payers.  By one door there was a sign "GENTLEMEN" and by the other "LADIES"

The Council found a way to save money, as the picture shows. The signs are still there - but painted blue so the writing is less obvious. Undoubtedly they will now be able to claim that the usage statistics show there is no demand and has there hasn't been a flush for years they can demolish the facility completely. There are no signs to say there is an alternative box where someone who is desperately crossing their legs can go to get relief, This may be because the only remaining public facility is far to far for timely use - and in any case may well be locked by the time you reach it.

As the economy measures cut in deeply, I expect we will see many other cases of valuable services being quietly withdrawn.

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