Wednesday, 1 June 2011

An Ill-considered Disposable Bag Action

The Bag Monster
OK - This site is concerned with "boxes" of all kinds - so a recent story about bags on A Few Things Illconsidered caught my eye.  

Anyone who has any feel for a better environment will be aware that a huge number of one-use then throw away plastic bags are handed out every year by supermarkets. Many of you will have seen the "witches knickers" hanging, like washing, on trees where they have been blown by the wind from nearby land fill sites. Bags which end up as floating garbage in the middle of the Pacific, or in the stomachs of dead animals, are less visible.

Of course there are people whose mental box means that they think environmental concerns are no more then a barrier to making
Money, Money, Money
This includes the manufacturers of reusable plastic bags who have decided to sue an American Company, Chicobags, which makes reusable plastic bags. Why? Because Chicobag adverts quote highly respectable sources that show that reusable bags are better for the environment. This legal challenge may well be because the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia believe they are so poor that they must fight to retain every cent of income, whatever the cost to the environment..

If you are not yet regularly using a reusable bag I suggest you train yourself to think "I am delighted to dedicate this disposable bit of plastic to the future wealth of the poor oil barons who might starve if I cared about the environment." If you feel can't do this perhaps next time you will remember to use a reusable bag.


  1. Here’s an update on the lawsuit involving ChicoBag. A settlement was reached Sept. 13, 2011. Use this link to view ChicoBag’s press release regarding the settlement

  2. I am delighted to hear the result of the case as large companies which try and suppress the facts about the Green Issues their products cause need to come down a peg.