Monday, 23 May 2011

Rural Relaxation: In Tring Park

Cattle in the Lime Avenue at Tring Park
The Photographers set out for their walk
Approaching the Monument
In order to keep fit I like to get out into the local countryside several times each week and last week I visited Tring Park with two different groups of the Tring U3A. 

All it needs is one puff
"Waves" in a rotten log
On Tuesday the Photography Group went to take photographs to be shown at the June meeting and the overcast day meant that I suspect many of the pictures will be close ups of spring flowers as distant views would lack the sparkle given by the sun. 

Can we join your geology group?
A Natural Chalk Exposure
On Thursday the Geology and Archaeology Group went round looking for evidence of the underlying chalk and the hilltop cover of clay with flints. Needless to say there was bright sunlight.for much of the time.

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