Monday, 23 May 2011

Resurrecting the Software - 3

A temporary setback. I "upgraded" my BBC Computer to make it easier to transfer the files to a PC - and the nearly 30 year old system has decided not to co-operate. I suspect that the stresses involved in opening up the box and rerouting the power leads has lead to a connection fault somewhere on the circuit board - possibly linked to the video output. I am sure it is repairable - but not by me!

To avoid delays I am acquiring a reconditioned system and my first task will be to go through the 100 or so old floppies to decide what will need transferring before I try and do anything clever! I will then have a clear idea which files from which floppy discs I need to transfer. I therefore don't expect to start work on getting the software to run on a PC with a BBC BASIC emulator until sometime in June. 

In the meantime I have decided to make more of the key publications available online and am scanning half a dozen or so old papers for uploading - with direct links between the reference lists. In particular the papers already available describe how it works in technical terms, while the additional papers will look at applications and how they appear to the user.

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