Sunday, 20 July 2014

Have the Australians gone Mad?

Unfortunately we have no option but to live in the same planetary sized box as the Australians and there is no way we can leave the sinking ship if the Australians have decided to let their part of the bilges fill to overflowing with excess carbon emissions. 

Perhaps I am being a little unfair on Australian and there are many others I could  also blame for failing to take the future seriously. Even I don't take things as seriously as I should because sometimes I take the car when I could walk - and become healthier by working off the result of over-eating. However I have had a particular interest in the effects of climate change in Australia since 1990 (See Global Warming - To Australia in a Box) and have been watching the temperature rise (see It ain't Half Hot, Mum).

So I am distressed to hear the latest news - that the Australian Government has decided to abolish the carbon tax (see Back to 'Ground Zero' with Carbon Tax Repeal). Perhaps the politicians have noticed that the road through the Blue Mountains is currently blocked by snow and ice and cannot distinguish between "weather" and "climate". Or may be the problem is that Australia has so much desert that there is plenty of sand for the ostrich-like politicians to bury their heads in. ... I could go on and on and on about this subject ...

Our approach to the climate is rash
As rain forests are burnt in a flash
Our future ambition
Less carbon emission
Is forgotten when we want more cash 

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  1. Hi Chris,
    My name is Brian Atkin, I've been reading your blog and have been very touched by your story. In a way it echoes my late grandfather, Dr RR Lycette, a pathologist and researcher who in his later years attempted to get support for further research on an important topic that he had come across a number of times in his professional life. He also had two of his children (My aunt and uncle) die before he did, something that he never got over.

    I work in IT however not in a field that can provide direct support for your work.
    My only suggestion for attempting to continue your research is that you could contact an invention capital company such as "Intellectual Ventures" to see whether they will be interested in taking over the IP of your research.
    Attached are a couple of links you may be interested in:

    Article by Intellectual Ventures CEO in Harvard Business Review -

    My own thoughts (without understanding your research subject matter other than it being an alternative processor architecture) is that AI is an extremely exciting field that will ultimately change the world, any research that is "outside-the-box" thinking in this field may prove to be extremely valuable.

    If there is anyway I can assist, I would be happy to support you further.
    My personal email address is

    Btw, I'm an Australian and sorry about the climate change stuff, we have a very conservative federal government with what appears to be noodles for brains and no vision for this country.