Thursday, 29 September 2016

I find myself in a mobile medical box!

I have always been a workaholic with too many things in my rather disorganised in-tray, and as I have got older my ability to keep up with the flow of tasks has diminished. I decided I needed a break over the summer and try and forget the in-tray  for a bit = which is why there have been long gaps on this blog.

During September much of the time was involved with an Australian visitor who was due to return to Sydney in the evening. Everything was planned. Morning tea for the ladies at 8, with breakfast on the table, as I prepared a feast for lunch. Out for a walk in the woods at Ashridge at 10 followed by coffee in the Brownlow café, returning just before 12 to cook the already prepared food for the farewell feast at 1.30. A rest after the meal an d then taking our visitor to catch the coach to the airport.

As you may gather from the heading things didn't go to plan. After coffee we decided to take photographs and I suggested we move to a different part of the outdoor café to get better lighting and background.  I selected an empty table and my wife (who has mobility problems) found the seat a rather tight fit. and after the photo found she could not get up unaided.  I tried to lift her out of the chair and as she came up fell back with a crash, with her on of me. Putting my hand to the back of my head I found it covered with blood ...  Within seconds a café worker was on the scene and two other people helped my wife back to her feet. Minutes later two National Trust staff were in action with the site first aid box. On seeing the wound they called a Hertfordshire  ambulance and I was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital. I was treated swiftly and efficiently and as the wound was only superficial it was glued up and I was home in time to see our visitor onto the coach to Heathrow. All thoughts of the feast were abandoned - and at the time of writing we are thinking of who we might invite for a good meal later today.

So this blog serves as a thank you for all the people who helped.

Clearly at my age incidents such as this remind me that I could go "offline" at any moment - and I in planning the future I need to set priorities. I had discussed my research into the evolution of human intelligence with my visitor - and her parting words were that I should prepare something for publication soon - so I have decided that - now that my "holiday break" is over the top priority will be to follow up the ideas discussed in this blog.