Thursday, 22 August 2019

Am I about to be shot down in flames again?

Several years ago I posted Dartington Hall School and thinking outside the Educational Box and earlier this week I post the following to the privaate school Facebook page abot the hazzards of thinking outside the box.

One thing Dartington taught me was that the establishment view was not always right.

But has it been a good idea to ask awkward questions? Or would I have had an easier life If I had forgotten what I learnt at Dartington and sheepishly gone along with the crowd? Now in my 80s I am about to stick my head over the parapet yet again …..

A Possible Evolutionary Neural Net Model of Turing's Child Brain

From now on posts relating to my research on CODIL , and the evolution of intelligence, will be on the blog An Evolutionary Model of Human Intelligence but the more inportant ones will be cross-referenced here.

I have just posted a report (and detailed draft paper) on my Evolutionary Blog, linking CODIL to Neural Nets, entitled: