Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Old Codger comes up for Air

The recent lack of posts on this blog is because August has been rather chaotic for me. On Doctor's order I have to loose weight and get plenty of exercise and frequent rural walks - plus doing shopping by walking rather using the car - takes time. A visit to the hospital brought some good and bad news. My left eye, which was hit by glaucoma a few years ago, is stable and if I needed to use it I can still read the computer screen with 4 times magnification. The problem is that my "good" right eye has started to develop a cataract, and while it has not developed far enough yet to justify an operation I am finding reading smaller text difficult.  While my wife is getting much more mobile after a knee operation, I find that I still spend as much time shopping and preparing the meals, and the number of days spent on social activities has increased   because she can get around better!

One particular problem this month is that both my wife and I are hoarders - and last year we had new insulation installed in the loft. This involved downloading much of the stuff stored up there into the spare bedroom - where it has stayed - as one of the effects of old age is that neither of us want to climb up a ladder to put it back. This would not matter except that we are having an Australian visitor to stay over September - and it was only last night that the room was clear - after many visits to the local charity shop, and filling bins for recycling.

On the computer side I find that I have far more that I would like to do that I have time to do it. For example my genealogy site has over 3,500 pages of information about Hertfordshire and Hertfordshire people, and I am slowly working through the towns and village pages upgrading them, and introducing new material. The problem is that even if I averaged one town or village a week I would be approaching 90 years old before I finished - and in reality the process is more like the never-ending task of painting the Forth Bridge. At the beginning of August I decided to cut back on this activity but have been "rewarded" by an increased flow of challenging questions. To give myself a break I have shut down the "Ask Chris" facility throughout September.

Despite all the above I have been thinking quite a lot about this site - with quite a lot of background reading and even starting to draft an occasional blog - but nothing has emerged on blog. So I have decided to move this blog back up the priority list.

By the end of the August I plan to post a review of Edmund Bolles new book "Babel's Dawn: A Natural History of the Origins of Speech" and early in September I plan to post an article suggesting why my earlier work on CODIL actually provides a possible insight into the brain's "symbolic assembly language".  I may also post details of the old school reunion at Dartington Hall - which was a very unconventional school which greatly stimulated my interest in science - which encouraging the idea that the established viewpoint was not always the right one.

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