Monday, 9 January 2012

I am coming up for breath

It's been rather quiet on this blog for some time – and part of the problem is that I have had too much on my mind and not enough time to do everything I wanted to.

Part of the problem is that old age is catching up with me and during the first three months of 2012 I may well have a cataract removed from my one “good” eye, a kidney stone removed from my bladder, and possibly one other small operation. Having lost nearly 1kg a month throughout most of 2011 I have put some of it back on over Christmas – partly for over eating (see It was a real Aylesbury Duck) and partly because I have not kept up my daily walks. So that is another reason for me to spend more time in a health way - including more walking and swimming - and less time sitting at the terminal nibbling snacks!

The second is that I am no longer as good at multitasking as I was and I have been more involved in family activities – especially around our 50th wedding anniversary at the end of September and other social activities around Christmas and the New Year.

However one of the reason why this blog has been so quiet is that I am enjoying blogging! At first sight this may seem a little perverse but is linked to the fact that I have been running the Genealogy in Hertfordshire web site for over 10 years, and which is approaching a quarter of a million visits a year,. Having got this blog up and running I thought it would be a good idea to switch the Genealogy Newsletter section of the site onto blogging software. The result is the Hertfordshire Genealogy News – and it has taken off like a rocket. Page view totals starting in September are 868, 1358, 1684, 2357 and January is on target to reach 3000. The idea was to save me time – but it is clear that people prefer the modern blogger interface and in fact I have been even busier - and this blog has been neglected.

I decided that for the New Year I would devote some time each day to progressing this blog – and follow up the brainstorms about CODIL and the evolution of the brains internal language – but first I will get into the swing with a few posts relating to the way that we are mentally and physically

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